Daines Announces $138,878 to Enhance Response to Hazardous Materials Transportation Incidents

BOZEMAN, Mont. — U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced $138,878 in funding to maintain the safety of emergency personnel and the public when responding to hazardous materials related emergencies.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration (PHMSA) grant will train emergency responders to respond to pipeline, rail and other surface accidents that cause a release of hazardous materials.  This was authorized by the FAST Act. Further, safe transportation of Montana’s energy resources is critically important to Daines. Daines’ PIPES Act that was signed into law on June 22, 2016, authorized the Pipeline Safety programs of PHMSA.  

“In addition to needing a safe, secure and efficient pipeline infrastructure we must have the necessary training and qualified workers on the job,” Daines stated. “This funding will go a long way towards  enhancing communication between PHMSA and state agencies.”

“The partnerships between the Public Service Commission and PHMSA has worked well here in Montana. Involvement on the local level goes a long way to ensure the effective use of public funds, and I’m very pleased that the Montana PSC was able to be a part of this process,” said Commissioner Kirk Bushman, R-Billings. “Adequate pipeline and hazardous material safety should always be a top priority of policymakers at all levels of government, and I’m thankful these resources are helping to improve the safety of our communities.”