Daines: Obamacare Rate Increases are Unacceptable

U.S. SENATE – United States Senator Steve Daines today released the following statement upon the announcement that the average final rate filings for Obamacare insurance plans will be as high as 58 percent.

“It is unconscionable that Montanans will be stuck with such astronomical increases on their individual health insurance plans because of the train wreck that is Obamacare,” Daines stated. “These rates confirm that Obamacare is broken and needs to be repealed and replaced with a Montana-driven solution.”

Average increases for Montana’s top three insurance providers range from 27 to 58 percent, with the highest increase for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana policies.

Daines has been a longtime outspoken critic of Obamacare and supports its full repeal and replacement with state-led solutions that put patients back in the center of the health equation.