Daines Hails Air Force Announcement of Progress to Upgrade Nuclear Missiles

Columbia Falls, Mont.— U.S. Senator Steve Daines today hailed the U.S. Air Force’s announcement that the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program has reached Milestone A. 

“This is great news for maintaining our nation’s ‘peace through strength’ strategy at Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base and the security of our nation,” Daines stated. “We must ensure our nuclear capabilities are ready for 21st century warfare. I will continue pushing to guarantee we modernize our nuclear weapons.”

Daines has been actively pushing the Department of Defense to reach Milestone A. 

On July 8, Daines led a bipartisan effort in urging Department of Defense Secretary Ash Carter to expeditiously advance milestones for the GBSD program.

On May 23, Daines led another bipartisan effort in urging Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation Director Dr. Jamie Morin to complete their cost estimate in an on-time manner. 

Daines secured six provisions for nuclear modernization in the Fiscal Year 2017 Defense Appropriations Bill, including $12 million in upgrades to communication equipment and provisions supporting the GBSD program which replaces the Minuteman III missiles. 

Daines recently published an editorial on GBSD and has continued to lead the ICBM coalition in holding accountable for the upgrade of nuclear arsenal.