Roll Call: How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Montana?

This weekend, both Montana senators — Republican Steve Daines and Democrat Jon Tester — are celebrating their birthdays. 

Daines on Saturday. Tester on Sunday.

The neighboring dates gave the senators the opportunity to wish one another a happy birthday and exchange very Big Sky Country gifts.

Tester’s present for Daines was a bottle of safflower oil, processed from the herbaceous plant cultivated on his 1,800-acre family farm.

Daines gave Tester Montana elk meat. The avid outdoorsman said the meat is from “a bull I bagged last fall.”

Daines turns 54 on Saturday. The Republican was born in 1962 in southern California, but grew up in Bozeman.

Tester turns 60 on Sunday. The Democrat was born in 1956 in Havre, Montana.