KPAX: Sen. Daines visits crews battling Roaring Lion Fire

Montana’s Republican Senator Steve Daines is echoed what many Bitterrooters felt Wednesday night: relief and appreciation for the firefighters battling the Roaring Lion fire

The state’s junior Senator visited fire camp early Wednesday evening. 

Daines is the fourth Montana lawmaker to make the trip to the Type-1 camp at Hamilton High School, arriving in time for the evening recap of the crew’s operations.

Daines says he is proud of the firefighters who are risking their own lives to help save the lives and property of others.

“These are the top fire managers, incident command and control, and these firefighters, these men and women that I just spent time with when they’re doing the second shift briefing; they’re just the best,” Daines said. “We can be so thankful as Montanans that we have the very best resources attacking this fire.”

The total cost of the Roaring Lion Fire as of Wednesday evening is estimated at $2,125,000.