KGVO: Daines – Zinke React To FBI Refusal To Recommend Prosecution of Hillary Clinton

Two-thirds of Montana’s Congressional Delegation are up in arms over FBI Director James Comey’s refusal to recommend criminal charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her email issues.

Republican Senator Steve Daines said it seems that there is a double standard for Washington insiders and the rest of the American population.

“Our country was founded on the principle of equal justice for all, not just for some,” Daines said. “Secretary Hillary Clinton should be held accountable. What Secretary Clinton has done is put our national security at risk, and it brings into question her ability to hold office. There were multiple emails that were considered top secret. They could have been hacked by our enemies, and that Secretary Clinton was extremely careless, according to the FBI.”

Congressman Ryan Zinke offered a similar comment on the presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate.

“It’s shocking,” Zinke said. “It’s shocking that an ordinary citizen’s justice is different than Mrs. Clinton’s. If I did that, or if anyone did that, if we had a top secret server with top secret information inside your home, we’d be in Leavenworth (Federal Prison), but somehow, justice is different for Hillary. That’s disappointing, shocking and humiliating.”

KGVO reached out to Senator Jon Tester’s office for a comment, but has not yet received an answer.