Glasgow Courier: Hinsdale’s Delaney Beil Honored by Daines

U.S. Senator Steve Daines recognized Delaney Beil, a fifth-generation Montana rancher and Hinsdale High School senior. Delaney is a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and will soon be receiving her state certification. 

Here is Senator Daines’ statement to Congress:

“Mr. President, I rise today to recognize a Hinsdale High School senior, Delaney Beil. Delaney is described by her EMT instructor, Dorothy Jensen, as, ‘a determined team player, who is committed to her community. She consistently exceeds expectations…I’d trust her with my life.’ Delaney is already a nationally certified Emergency Medical Technician, and will soon be receiving her state certification any moment now. 

The loss of three classmates in recent years inspired Delaney to enroll in an EMT course offered at her own high school. Initially an aspiring businesswoman, she has said, ‘the class absolutely changed what I wanted to do as a career. As a kid I was afraid of hospitals, but with the ambulance I get to make decisions in a fast-paced environment and I can get down to business without getting flustered.’ So far she has responded to women in labor and individuals with cardiac and diabetic emergencies. Last year Delaney gave up basketball, volleyball and most of her free time in the service of her community. 

As a fifth-generation Montana rancher, making the switch from farming equipment to an ambulance was simple. Both working her family’s ranch and participating in Hinsdale athletics prepared her for the collaboration essential to high-quality urgent care. Delaney has said, ‘This is a team sport; it’s not about you, it’s about everyone using their strengths to make the team work.’

Delaney likes to keep a full schedule. Since April of last year she has completed 500 hours of community service, administering bi-monthly blood pressure screenings at the local senior center. She is also a member of FFA, president of Student Council, the music department and a member of the National Honor Society. 

This fall, at Montana State University-Northern, Delaney will continue on her path to becoming a medical professional by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After college she intends to gain hands-on experience in the emergency rooms of Billings and Great Falls before applying to medical school. Her long-term goal is to raise a family in Hinsdale and spend a few days each week, where she got started, with the volunteer ambulance. 

This young woman’s dedication is inspiring. It is our small-town family values that makes Montana so special. Her example encourages each of us to reach beyond expectations we have set for ourselves and do our part to strengthen our communities. Delaney, I wish you the best in college, and thank you for your service to our great state. Keep making us proud.”