Daines Applauds Permit Extension of Lower Yellowstone Intake Irrigation Project

U.S. SENATE — Following a request from Senator Steve Daines, the Army Corps of Engineers today announced their plans to extend the permit for the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project.

“The Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project is critical to irrigate over 50,000 acres of cropland as planting season gets underway,” Daines stated. “Our hardworking farmers and ranchers don’t deserve any undue economic burdens. It’s great to see the government prioritize this essential source of water for our farmers, ranchers and communities throughout northeastern Montana.”

In September, Daines led the Montana and North Dakota Congressional delegations in urging the Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation to prioritize the project.

The Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project is a major contributor to the economies of the region and provides water to 50,000 acres that produce sugar beets, barley, alfalfa, beans and other crops. 

James Brower, the Project Manager for the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project thanked Daines for his efforts to secure the permit extension.

Read his full letter below or click here to download:

In Highest regards of Senator Steve Daines continual efforts to protect U.S. citizens, 

  The Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project and all the constituents that are supported by the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project, would like to express our Sincere Gratitude for Senator Steve Daines years of work and support to protect our communities!  Our 4 irrigation districts really appreciate how Senator Daines recently worked with federal agencies to find a way to extend this Rock Replacement permit that is necessary to protect the 107 year old federal diversion weir from the annual ice jams and to deliver the absolutely necessary water to grow the crops in three counties and 2 states.  These irrigated crops feed people and livestock in several surrounding states reliably even in times of drought.  This is critical to the Agriculture supported economies and businesses in several states. 

     We appreciate his prompt actions and leadership that he has shown in meeting with and sending letters to numerous federal agencies, explaining the importance of this project to the economy and communities of the United States. Your ability to gather active support from leaders of different states, agencies, and different political parties, is a sign of true Leadership. The Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project and communities from two neighboring states supports you Senator Steve Daines!  You are in touch with the needs of the people you represent and their neighbors so well!  

With Sincere Gratitude from the Savage, Intake, Lower Yellowstone Montana, Lower Yellowstone North Dakota Irrigation Districts.