Daines Announces Four Montana Schools to Receive Computers Through Senate Program

U.S. SENATE — Senator Steve Daines today announced that he has helped facilitate a donation of 25 computers to four Montana public schools as part of the United States Senate’s Computers for Schools Program.

“Access to computers and technology is a vital part of today’s learning environment that helps students connect with the world beyond their classroom walls, explore new topics and advance their education,” Daines stated. “The Computers for Schools program helps students develop and maintain their computer skills to succeed in our increasingly global economy.” 

Through the program, four Montana schools have received a combination of HP8000, 8200 Small Form Factor (SFF) and Ultra Slim Desktop (USDT) computers to enhance and encourage education and learning. 

Recipients include:

  • Fromberg High School will receive five computers
  • Two Eagle River School will receive 10 computers
  • Chester-Joplin-Inverness High School will receive five computers
  • Browning Elementary will receive five computers

Upon receiving news that Two Eagle River School (TERS) would receive computers through the Computers for Schools Program, TERS Math 180 teacher Kristin McClure said, “We are elated by the news that TERS will be a recipient of Computers for School Program. The computers that Senator Daines helped secure for us for will run our Math 180 software and will cut down on the frustration of the students who are working with outdated technology so that they can move to higher level material.”

David Jamison, K-12 Principle of Chester-Joplin Inverness Schools, also thanked Daines for his efforts saying, “We are grateful for the computers, as our students will benefit directly from the increased availability of computers in our lab and library. Thank you Senator Daines and your staff for selecting Chester-Joplin-Inverness School to receive these computers.” 

The United States Senate’s Computers for Schools Program helps public schools take advantage of the information technology age by channeling surplus computers into classrooms across the country. All registered public schools in the United States and territories are eligible.