Newsmax: Sen. Steve Daines: I’m Worried Obama Will Return Gitmo to Cuba

President Barack Obama could easily return the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay to Cuba when he visits the country later this month, Sen. Steve Daines told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

“With this president, you remain worried on every front in terms of his executive overreach,” the Montana Republican told “Newsmax Prime” host J.D. Hayworth. “His abuse of power, his complete disregard of the Constitution and the Article II powers that are clearly, clearly laid out in our Constitution are something this president continues to violate.

Obama will visit Cuba on March 21-22 as part of his efforts to normalize relations with Havana.

Daines, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said that Guantanamo Bay should remain with the United States and should continue to house terrorism suspects.

“They need to be kept in those cells,” he told Hayworth. “We need to continue to move through the process — and justice has to be finally administered to these terrorists.”