KGVO:Senator Daines Visits Guantanamo Bay, Advocates Againsts Transferring Prisoners

On February 29th, Senator Steve Daines went to Cuba to visit the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Upon Daines’ return, he took to the Senate floor to state the importance of maintaining the detention center and not bringing detainees to American communities.

“Guantanamo Bay was a humble reminder of the services our military provides overseas to get these terrorists off the battle field and ensure that they don’t end up in American’s backyards,” said Daines. “President Obama has signed multiple pieces of legislation into law the explicitly prohibit the transfer of enemy combatants.”

During the speech, Daines highlighted the threat posed by the particular type of prisoners held in Guantanamo.

“Amound those being held are detainees like Khalid Shaykh Muhammad,” said Daines. “Khalid Shaykh Muhammad is just part of the 9/11 five that are currently detained in Guantanamo Bay that allegedly masterminded and facilitated the 9/11 attacks on our country.”

Montana has a closer connection to Guantanamo Bay than many might think. In 2009, Hardin Montana offered to take in suspected terrorists from Guantanamo Bay out of desperation to fill an empty, $27 million jail. However, since 2014, that jail has started to fill its cells with inmates from across the Northern Plains.