MTN News: Sen. Daines calls for changes in the VA

Montana Senator Steve Daines is calling for changes in the Veterans Affairs system.

A recent discussion held in Bozeman largely centered around the VA Bonus Accountability Act, which Daines and other senators are working to pass.

The measure is designed to hold the VA accountable and keep under performing employees from receiving bonuses.

“We’re mobilizing forces here and you know veterans know how to mobilize., that we can move forward here with changes in the VA, to move this VA accountability act forward, that puts accountability into the VA,” Daines said.

“[It] allows hiring and firing these mid level managers that aren’t doing their jobs. There are cover ups going on, there are bonuses being paid that shouldn’t be paid. The bottom line, the veterans are suffering, it’s time to clean house in the VA,” the Republican added.

Daines also promised to look into ways to reduce veteran unemployment in Montana.