Daily Caller: Politicians Remind Congress Religious Freedom Is A Fundamental Right

Politicians in the House and Senate introduced a resolution Friday to remind Congress that religious liberty is a fundamental human right.

The resolution affirms “the importance of religious freedom as a fundamental human right that is essential to a free society and is protected for all Americans by the text of the Constitution, and recognizing the 230th anniversary of the enactment of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom,” the resolution states. The resolution comes the day before Religious Freedom Day, which is Jan. 16.

It was introduced by Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines and Republican Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes. 

“America sets the standard across the globe for upholding the fundamental human right to hold and practice our beliefs,” Daines said in a statement. “Religious Freedom Day serves to remind every American that we are all free to live and work in accordance with our religious beliefs, without fear of government restrictions. With all the international and domestic unrest our society faces, this resolution reminds our country that for 230 years, we have stood strong for religious freedom and will continue doing so. Our founding documents will continue to endure and stand the test of time.”

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom is a document written by Thomas Jefferson that was instrumental to America’s founding and the protection of religious freedom in the Bill of Rights.

“As a Virginian and a former member of the Virginia General Assembly, I am proud of the legacy that Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom has given to our nation,” Forbes said in a statement. “For over 200 years, the American people have sought to protect the fundamental human right of religious freedom both at home and around the world. Today, it is critical that we continue to unite to protect this right for people of all faiths and no faith.  This Resolution reminds us of the many times throughout our history when Congress or the President have acted to reinforce the idea that religious freedom is central to a free society.”