Daines: President Obama Cemented His Failed Legacy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Steve Daines tonight called out President Obama for his empty rhetoric, noting the President’s final State of the Union address was just “politics as usual.”

Daines’ full statement is as follows: 

“Rather than fighting for solutions that strengthen our economy, tonight President Obama cemented his failed legacy.  

“Rather than presenting concrete solutions that bolster our national security, President Obama chose to lead from behind.

“Rather than supporting hardworking farmers and ranchers, President Obama doubled down on his administration’s bureaucratic land grabs that infringe on Montanans’ livelihoods.

“Rather than using the largest national stage to fight for good paying tribal and union jobs, President Obama defended his excessive anti-energy regulations that burden Montana families with higher energy costs and threaten Montana’s economic future.

“This speech was politics as usual from a President that has weakened America’s power on the world stage and has acted in opposition to the will of the American people.

“Montana jobs and the Montana economy are more important than President Obama’s legacy – and Montana can’t afford any more of it.”