Washington Examiner: GOP senator: North Korea bomb the result of Obama ‘weakness’

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., said Wednesday that North Korea’s apparent testing of a hydrogen bomb is the direct result of President Obama projecting weakness around the world.

“As we look at the failed policies of the Obama administration, I think what we’re seeing is the world’s response to the weakness that is projected by our current president,” Daines said on CNN. “Our enemies no longer fear us, our allies no longer trust us.”

He said the test also shows that Democrats are wrong to trust the International Atomic Energy Agency to curb the appetites of countries looking to develop weapons of mass destruction.

“Think about 20 years ago, President Clinton was touting a peace agreement, a nuclear nonproliferation agreement, with North Korea,” he said. He said the IAEA was supposed to stop North Korea, although North Korea ultimately walked away from a nonproliferation agreement.

Still, he noted the Obama administration is now trusting that same agency to ensure Iran doesn’t develop nuclear weapons.

“It’s the same organization that this president is putting trust in to stop Iran from getting a bomb,” he said.