Daines Votes Against Trillion Dollar Backroom Spending Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Steve Daines today released the following statement after voting in opposition to a $1.1 trillion backroom spending bill that fails to rein in the national debt: 

“Once again, Washington’s inaction and govern-by-crisis strategy is getting in the way of providing the American people with the long-term solutions they deserve. We need an open discussion about how to support our nation’s priorities while also cutting wasteful Washington spending and reining in the nation’s debt. This 2000-page backroom deal fails to do either and only takes our nation further down an unsustainable path of more unbridled spending and more debt.  

“I am pleased to see that several Montana priorities I worked for were included in this final package — a three-year reauthorization of LWCF, a lifting of the oil export ban and permanent tax relief provisions for Montana families, farmers, tribes and small businesses. However, this same bill fails to address critical wildfire funding challenges facing the Forest Service and does nothing to secure much-needed reforms to the way our forests are managed. And it includes CISA — a controversial cybersecurity bill that threatens Montanans’ privacy and civil liberties. It’s irresponsible for Washington to continue increasing government spending and our national debt, while doing nothing to secure necessary savings and long-overdue reforms to Washington’s broken culture.”