KMMS: Daines Protects Consumers From Backlash Over Online Reviews

Senator Steve Daines today applauded the unanimous Senate passage of his legislation to protect consumers who want to write honest online reviews of companies, without fear of financial repercussions from the businesses being reviewed.

Daines’ bill, the Consumer Review Freedom Act, would prohibit the use of non-disparagement clauses referred to as “gag clauses,” which are often found in little-read online user agreements.

“The Senate took an important step forward in protecting the First Amendment rights of Americans who want to provide honest feedback about the products and services they purchase,” Daines stated. “We should encourage competition and let consumers’ voices be heard on a free and open Internet. I’m excited to see the Senate stand united behind this commonsense bill.”

Daines is a cosponsor of the bipartisan Consumer Review Freedom Act.