KMMS: Daines to Lead Montana Energy 2016

Senator Steve Daines announced that he will be spearheading Montana Energy 2016 in Billings this upcoming spring.

The summit, sponsored by Daines, the Montana Contractors’ Association, the Montana Coal Council, the Montana Petroleum Association, the Montana Chamber Foundation and KLJ, will take place in Billings, Montana on March 30 and 31, 2016.

“Montana holds a vital role in securing our nation’s all-of-the-above energy strategy and it’s vital that we work together to ensure our state remains an energy leader for years to come,” Daines stated. “Montana Energy 2016 will bring together key stakeholders to help increase innovation and move Montana’s energy opportunities to the next level. Montana can help power the world – but only if we work together to increase opportunity and limit efforts to hinder any part of Montana’s diverse energy portfolio. Through Montana Energy 2016, we will keep Montana at the forefront of the nation’s energy conversation.”

Montana Energy 2016, the largest avenue to discuss Montana’s energy potential, is back for a third round this spring with a fresh new look and perspective. The conference will include energy professionals, policy and decision makers at all levels, contractors and associated industry professionals.

More information about the summit can be found at