News Talk KGVO: Sen. Steve Daines Pushes to Protect American Energy SecuritySen. Steve Daines Comments on the Importance of a Long-Term Highway Bill for the Missoula Region

Senator Steve Daines commended last week’s passage of a long-term highway bill that is providing support for several Montana infrastructure projects. Daines emphasized the importance of this bill, particularly for Missoula.

“Some of the projects that will be funded by this bill include the reconstruction and maintenance on I-90, on U.S. 93, on U.S. 12 and Montana 200,” Daines said. “It will provide for the reconstruction on the Orange Street interchange as well as the Van Buren interchange. It will include the reconstruction on Russell Street, the reconstruction on U.S. 93 in Ronan and the reconstruction on S 203 north of Stevensville.”

Daines said “this five-year highway bill provides Missoula with the certainty needed to make long-term infrastructure investments.”

“It also provides a 15 percent increase to Montana for the recreation trails program. That’s about $1.6 million each year,” Daines said. “I’m proud to have sponsored this bi-partisan legislation and have voted for it. It provides real results for our communities and for our state.”

The total bill allocates over $2 billion to the state.