Senator Daines’ and Attorney General Fox’s “Brawl of the Wild” Rivalry Continues

Montana Senator Steve Daines and Attorney General Tim Fox have entered into their third annual wager over the upcoming University of Montana – Montana State University football game.

If the Bobcats win the Brawl of the Wild, Attorney General Fox will be forced to wear a blue and gold Montana State necktie for a full day of work. Should the Grizzlies prevail, Senator Daines will likewise wear a University of Montana tie for a full workday. 

As Fox has won this bet in both of the past two years, the pressure is on to see if the Bobcats can pull through and break the Grizzlies’ streak. 

“Our Attorney General has gotten lucky these past two years, but that streak is about to end,” Daines stated. “I’m excited to see him sporting a blue and gold tie around the Montana Department of Justice office.”

“I think Steve will enjoy wearing his new Griz necktie after Saturday,” Fox said. “Whether he’s working on the Senate floor or walking the streets of Bozeman, he should wear it with pride!”

Senator Daines, the first Bobcat elected to Congress, graduated from Montana State University in 1984 with a degree in chemical engineering. Attorney General Fox graduated from the University of Montana in 1981 with a degree in geology and in 1987 with a law degree.