Cat Country: Daines Honors Passing of WWII Vet And Crow Tribe Member Charles DeCrane

Time has taken most of those who returned from WWII and earlier this week we lost another. Charles DeCrane, a proud member of the Crow Tribe and veteran of World War II, may have passed, but his family and friends will continue to honor his memory for years to come.

Steve Daines spoke about Charlie today on the senate floor. He talked of his trip to D.C. with Charlie, whom he had selected to be his special guest at the State Of The Union Address. Charlie most definitely earned respect for his service to his country, his tribe and his community. It was nice to see him get some acknowledgement today.

“Many freedoms we have today stem from the sacrifices made by Charlie and men and women like him, because his accomplishments in his life will continue to live on. -Steve Daines