Newsmax: Sen. Steve Daines on Obamacare: “It’s All Turning Out Not to be True”

President Barack  Obama lied to the American people about the effects of Obamacare on the price  and availability of health care, Sen. Steve Daines tells Newsmax  TV.
“I would challenge President Obama to jump on Air Force  One and come out to Montana and stand up and explain to Montanans why our  commissioner – I’ve got the facts in front of me here – the Montana commissioner  of security and insurance published our approved rates for the state of Montana  for next year,” the “Big Sky Country” Republican told “Newsmax Prime” host J.D.  Hayworth.

“These are now approved by the  commissioner,” Daines continued. “The average rate increases across all plans  are ranging between 22 and 34 percent. Now I’d like to have him explain how that  all works for the average Montanan, because it doesn’t.”  

“This is directly  affecting the great people of my home state and this is an example yet again of  these lies, these promises that were made by President Obama about rates going  down, keeping your plans if you like them… it’s all turning out not to be true.” 

When asked what can be done in the Senate to put a halt to such rate  increases, Daines, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, replied: 
“Well, the discussions we’re having right now are looking at a  legislative tool called reconciliation. This is [to help] take another shot here  at stopping Obamacare. It’s something we will look at in the budgeting process  in the next few months as a way here to stop Obamacare.”
“The challenge  we face here is… if we don’t stop Obamacare, a year from now, our commissioners  of security in Montana will be probably be giving us the same news, looking at  the rates that will go up.” 
“[Prices] will go up any time the  government takes over one sixth of the economy, takes over the health care  system. Prices go up and the quality of care goes down. That’s what we’re seeing  currently across this country, certainly in my home state of Montana.”
Daines also commented on Obama calling out Russian President Vladimir Putin by name in a speech to  the United Nations General Assembly Monday, saying “this is another example of  President Obama leading from behind. He is late to the party. 

“What we’re seeing – the unraveling of the Middle East, seeing the Middle East on fire – is a  result of this president’s failure to lead. Think about this, if we were to take  a poll and ask, ‘which countries are now in a better position, a better  relationship with the United States than they [were] before this president took  office?'” 

“I could think of two. It’d be Iran and Cuba. And that’s  tragic.”