Newsmax: GOP Sen. Daines: Iran Deal Fight Similar to Obamacare

The battle over the Iran nuclear deal in Congress is much like the fight over  Obamacare in 2010, Sen. Steve Daines told Newsmax TV on  Tuesday.

“This has become only partisan in the support for the  agreement,” the first-term Montana Republican told “Newsmax Prime” host J.D.  Hayworth. “There’s no bipartisan support for this agreement.
“This is a  little like Obamacare, where it became only the Democrats on one side — but  there were Democrats and Republicans opposed to Obamacare.”

Daines noted that many top Democrats, including  influential New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, opposed the deal that would release as  much as $150 billion held from Tehran in exchange for curbs on its nuclear  program.
The Senate began debating the agreement Tuesday. No Republicans  support the deal.

Daines is  supporting a “Stop the Iran Deal” rally Wednesday in Washington sponsored by GOP  presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
“We’re looking at the  math right now on the votes,” he told Hayworth. “I’m very disappointed to see  that we’re not getting more Democrats joining us.”