Daines Slams Obama Admin’s Latest Anti-Energy Regulations

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Steve Daines today slammed the Obama administration’s newly released regulations as the latest step in Obama’s war on American energy and the thousands of jobs Montana’s energy industry supports:

“The Obama administration’s war on American energy is a war on American families and a war on American jobs. The Obama administration’s so-called ‘Clean Power Plan’ not only would shutter our country’s coal-fired power plants, but also hinder tribes’ and states’ ability to develop their coal resources.

“Just last month, the Supreme Court issued a severe rebuke of the Obama administration’s sweeping energy regulations, yet the Obama administration continues to act with reckless disregard for hardworking families. This latest round of costly regulations has the potential to increase American energy rates and cost thousands of good-paying jobs. I will continue fighting against the Obama administration’s assault on hardworking families and the good-paying jobs it provides.”

Daines is an original cosponsor of The Affordable Reliable Energy Now Act (ARENA), which holds the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accountable and protects states’ rights by requiring the EPA to demonstrate how their proposed regulations could impact each state. This bill will be marked up in the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on Wednesday.