Daines Takes to Senate Floor to Blast Rising Costs of Obamacare

Senator Steve Daines today took to the Senate floor to blast the rising costs of Obamacare in Montana, as insurers across the state have asked for double-digit increases in premiums for 2016.

Below are key excerpts from Daines’ floor speech:

Look no further than Montana, where it is evident that health care premiums aren’t as affordable as President Obama promised they would be.

“Policies sold through Obamacare exchanges are becoming even more expensive.

“In Montana, according to fillings with the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance…insurers across the board are asking for double-digit increases for 2016 policies.

“Blue Cross Blue Shield, Montana’s largest insurer that boasts 255,000 consumers in the state, is asking for an average increase of 23% for Montanans enrolled in individual plans.

“Increased premiums make it harder for Montanans to have access to affordable healthcare. It’s money that’s no longer in the pocket of Montanans.

“Unfortunately, this is the predictable result of forcing a partisan piece of legislation through Congress without transparent consideration or bipartisan input.

“We need to ensure health care is affordable and accessible for all Montanans, and that starts with repealing Obamacare and its costly mandates, burdensome taxes and senseless regulations.”