Daines Secures FAA Commitment to Maintain High Level of Safety in Powder River Training Complex

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today secured a commitment from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to maintain a high level of aviation safety in southeastern Montana in the wake of the Powder Riving Training Complex expansion.

In today’s Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing on reauthorizing the FAA, Daines pressed FAA Administrator Michael Huerta to ensure that the FAA take steps to maintain safe and secure skies in southeastern Montana and better incorporate Montanans’ input as the Air Force moves forward with the expansion without addressing Montanans’ numerous, long-established concerns.

“I think we share the same fear that the communications system is a great step, but I know the folks up there we aren’t quite convinced that it goes far enough,” Daines stated. “Can I get your commitment to work with the local airports and stakeholders to provide the appropriate communications and radar equipment necessary to maintain a high level of aviation safety?”

“We will certainly continue to work with the community,” Huerta responded. “This is something that we’ve spent a lot time really trying to understand and discussions with local stakeholders and users there.”

Video of Daines’ remarks is available here.

Daines has worked tirelessly with local stakeholders as well as the FAA to ensure that additional safety measures are implemented due the volume of air traffic in southeastern Montana.