Daines Announces Four Montana Schools to Receive Computers Through Senate Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today announced that he has helped facilitate a donation of 25 computers to four Montana public schools as part of the United State Senate’s Computers for Schools Program.

Through the program, four Montana schools have received multiple HP8000 computers to enhance and encourage education and learning. Recipients include:

  • Ashland Public School in Ashland, MT received 10 computers
  • Hays-Lodge Pole School in Hays, MT received five computers
  • Sidney Public School in Sidney, MT received five computers
  • Bainville Public School in Bainville, MT received five computers

“As someone who spent 12 years in the technology sector, I know firsthand how important it is for students to develop and maintain their computer skills to succeed in this increasingly global economy,” Daines stated. “I hope these computers help students to connect with the world beyond their classroom walls, explore new topics and advance their education.”

The United States Senate’s Computers for Schools Program helps public schools take advantage of the information technology age by channeling surplus computers into classrooms across the country.