Daines Announces Washington, D.C. Legislative and Administrative Hires


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Steve Daines today announced legislative and administrative staff hires for his Washington, D.C. office.

“My number one priority is serving the people of Montana and ensuring their voices are heard in Washington, D.C.” Daines stated. “Our staff has the experience, enthusiasm and dedication needed to provide Montanans with the service they deserve.”

Wally Hsueh will serve as legislative director for Daines’ office, where he will provide strategic policy guidance and oversee all legislative activity. Hsueh, who brings more than 20 years of Capitol Hill experience to Daines’ office, has served in multiple leadership positions and has a broad array of policy expertise in both the Senate and the House of Representatives including: the Senate Commerce Committee, Senate Small Business Committee, Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR), and the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. 

Additional members of Daines’ legislative team include:

  • Darin Thacker, Deputy Legislative Director and Appropriations Advisor, Thacker will provide policy guidance and oversee issues related to Daines’ role on the Senate Appropriations Committee, as well as coordinate Daines’ forest management policy. Thacker brings more than a decade of legislative and federal policy experience to Daines’ office, previously serving in Daines’ House office and as legislative director to retired Congressman Wally Herger.
  • Meghan Marino, Senior Policy Advisor, will lead Daines’ work on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. A University of Georgia graduate, Marino previously served as a legislative assistant in Daines’ House office, where she also oversaw natural resources and energy policy.
  • Patrick Buell, Legislative Assistant, will oversee Daines’ work on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. A University of North Dakota Graduate, Buell previously served as a legislative assistant in Daines’ House office and holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Instrument and Multi-Engine Rating.
  • Daniel Gerig, Legislative Assistant, will focus on Daines’ work on agriculture, trade, environment, public lands, education and immigration issues. Gerig is an Oregon State University graduate and previously served as a legislative assistant in Daines’ House office.
  • Brad Kehr, Legislative Assistant, will oversee health, labor and judiciary issues for Daines’ Senate office. Kehr, a former legislative assistant in Daines’ House office, holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and has experience in Constitutional law. Kehr’s family resides in Kalispell, Montana.
  • Matt Ketron, Legislative Assistant, will provide tax, banking and government oversight policy guidance for Daines’ Senate office.  Ketron, a graduate of Hillsdale College, comes to Daines’ office after serving as a Legislative Correspondent for former Senator Tom Coburn. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a candidate for level III of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam.
  • Sam Sweeney, Legislative Assistant, will oversee Daines’ work on the Indian Affairs Committee and provide policy guidance on foreign affairs, defense and veterans issues. Sweeney is a native of Belt, Montana and previously served as a legislative assistant in Daines’ House office and for former Montana Representative Denny Rehberg.
  • Joseph Schmoll, Legislative Correspondent, is a native of Belgrade, Montana and graduate of Montana State University. He previously served as a staff assistant in Daines’ office and as a mechanical engineer with Bechtel.
  • Sophie Miller, Legislative Correspondent, is a former Daines House office intern and campaign aide. She is a graduate of Boston University.
  • Jon Rosenbaum, Legislative Correspondent, is a University of Montana graduate who brings several years of Senate experience to Daines’ office. Rosenbaum also served as the 2014 Cascade County Team Leader for the Montana Republican Party.

Jesika Whittle will serve as Daines’ Director of Scheduling. A graduate of Brigham Young University, Whittle previously served as executive assistant and office manager in Daines’ House office.

Amber Heinz will serve as Daines’ Administrative Director. Heinz brings four years of experience working for Senator Dean Heller to Daines’ office, where she will oversee all office operations and manage the office’s internship program.

Steven Foster will serve as staff assistant for Daines’ Senate office. A Helena, Montana native and graduate of Montana State University, Foster previously served as an intern with Daines’ House office and as Deputy Eastern Regional Director for Daines’ 2014 U.S. Senate campaign.

Will Parsons will serve as assistant to the chief of staff. Parsons, a recent graduate of George Washington University, previously served as an intern in Daines’ House office.

As previously announced, Daines’ office will continue to be led by University of Montana graduate and Chester, Montana native Jason Thielman, who will serve as Daines’ Chief of Staff.  Alee Lockman, a native of Froid, Montana and Harvard College graduate, will continue on as Daines’ Communications Director.

Katie Waldman will also join Daines’ communications office as Press Secretary. Waldman is a University of Florida graduate who most recently served as press assistant at the National Republican Senatorial Committee for the 2014 cycle.

Daines’ Washington, D.C. office is temporarily located at Russell Senate Office Building, Courtyard 1.  Montanans can contact Daines by visiting www.daines.senate.gov or calling 202-224-2651.