How You Can Help

How can you help?

FEMA released information for how to help via donations, volunteering and for the private sector. Their specific guidline includes:  

  • · Businesses that have medical supplies or equipment to donate are asked to go to and provide of the offer through our online medical supplies and equipment form. The direct web link is
  • · Businesses that want to sell medical supplies or equipment to the federal government, please email specifics to 
  • · Licensed medical volunteers can offer their services by registering with the Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals. You can access a direct link to do so through

Donate Blood:  One thing people can do to help is to donate blood. Many blood drives have been cancelled, impacting the supply. Blood donation centers have the highest standards of safety and infection control. To find where you can donate blood, visit    

Check with your local food banks and rescure missions. Help your local restaurants, buy a take-home meal and stay connected with your neighbors.